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What We Offer

A Wide Range of Pregnancy Services

We empower plus size individuals to embrace their journey to parenthood in the body they have right NOW! Our fat positive mentoring, birth and postpartum doula services, and childbirth education provide clients with the tools and support needed to combat weight stigma, find deep joy, and undergo transformative experiences through birth and parenting!

The unique strengths of doula care benefit not only cisgender hetereo couples but are also extremely advantageous to the LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, fat and other marginilzed comunities including the diasbled community through fertility, pregnancy and parenting support, guidance and education.

All parents must navigate fertility and parentage in a system that is not always knowledgeable, accepting, or affirming of those outside of the cisgender heterosexual identities, those living in larger bodies or those navigating chronic illness.

a plus sized caucasian pregnant woman with woods behind her with her hands on her pregnant belly facing camera and it is a full body shot she has short hair and is wearing a red full length dress

Pregnancy Services

Fat Positive Birth Mentor

Big Fat Pregnancy meets you where you are in your pregnancy journey and walks alongside you. Individualized coaching to combat anti-fat bias and improve self-advocacy skills.

Fat Positive Childbirth Classes

Affirming and accommodating fat bodies in our medical system is rare, so our classes fill the gap to educate and teach about how YOUR body may move through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Full-Spectrum Doula Care

A doula provides guidance and support to the pregnant person and their support person(s) during pregnancy, birth and/or postpartum. We provide Full-Spectrum Doula Care!

Fat Positive Consultation

Have a negative encounter with a doctor or family member that just didn’t sit right? Meet with us, explore an interaction, news article, or comment and move forward with confidence.

Fat Positive Postpartum Care

After pregnancy and birth, Postpartum doulas help parents build confidence with new skills, allow for much needed rest, and share the tips and tricks they’ve  learned along the way.

Fat Positive Provider Workshop

Provider who works with pregnant folks? Learn foundations of fat positive care, challenge bias, engage in discussion, and walk away with action items to make your practice more inclusive.

Celebrate Your

amazing fat pregnancy

We want to acknowledge a profound truth: every pregnancy, regardless of size, has a unique and radiant glow. We see it in my clients time and time again, even when they might not be aware. Big Fat Pregnancy exists and continues to work hard to empower and uncover every single rainbow out there!

We believe the medical system has so undeniably failed fat people in their pursuit of building a family, in preconception help like IVF, prenatal appointments, delivery rooms, and beyond. It has left fat folks with no confidence that their provider will see them as human. We will continue to educate, coach and empower others, and train providers so that maybe just one day, a fat person isn’t immediately weighed at an appointment. Or talked to about their BMI.

a tall plus sized caucasian pregnant woman with woods behind and green grass at her feet has her hands on her pregnant belly facing camera and it is a full body shot she has shaved hair on the left side and shoulder length red brown hair as the rest of her hair and is wearing a white tshirt, a brown loose wrap, black leggings and grey and black short boots

a bit about christina

I’m a pregnancy & birth nerd!

I’m Christina (she/her)I’m a fat, queer mama and birth nerd using mentoring, trauma informed care and adult education to create a more inclusive birth culture for those living in larger bodies during conception, pregnancy, and postpartum!

I brought two humans into this world with a fat body and I am here to share my experiences and walk alongside other fat parents on their path to parenthood.

I believe in the right for ALL folks to receive compassionate care during the exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience of growing a human.

My research, teaching, and coaching are rooted in social, disability, reproductive and birth justice as well as trauma informed care principles.

a bit about emily

I live for pregnancy education!

I’m Emily (she/her)! I am a queer single mom to two little ones. I transitioned to being a birth educator because of my own experiences.

In my first pregnancy, I developed gestational diabetes, but was able to achieve an unmedicated birth center birth that I’d wanted.

With my second, I developed preeclampsia and cholestasis and was induced at 37 weeks at the hospital. I didn’t wamt a hospital birth, but felt so nurtured by the staff that it changed my perspective on hospital birth completely.

Before entering the birth space, I worked in higher education and earned my Master of Adult Education.

Big Fat Pregnancy gave me the opportunity to combine my two passions and help others feel prepared for all the unexpected things that occur during pregnancy and baby feeding.

What We Offer

Pregnancy Services

professional ceritifed

doula services

As certified professional doulas we provide non-medical support to pregnant people, including physical, emotional, and informational support!

As Doulas we provide continuous support and encouragement during labor and delivery and can help you have a better birthing experience and we assist families in numerous ways before, during and after childbirth.

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