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We’re Your Fat Pregnancy Advocate

We act as advocates for the compassionate, inclusive, and evidence-based medical care for plus size or fat bodies during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Time after time folks living in larger bodies are denied access to care based on BMI, limited in their provider choices, and navigate an anti-fat medical system without support.

a collage with white border of six images; from left top left the largest image is most prominent and the other images are smaller and surround the largest, the largest image has a bright pink background and is an south asian young woman who is pregnant wearing a purple tshirt with shoulder length brown hair parted down the middle, she is smiling and has her right hand on her pregnant belly, she is looking down and smiling at her belly, her left arm is amputated just above the elbow, the top right image is is a caucasian plus sized pregnant woman with green flowered dress, wearing glasses, with red hair, facing to the right, holding her pregnant belly and smiling down at it, the middle image on the right is a close up of christinia huges the co-founder and lead fat pregnancy advocate, the bottom left image is a black and white profile photo of a plus size afirican american or black woman in a body con flower printed dress, she is cradling her pregnant belly and looking down, the bottom middle image is a tall plus sized caucasian woman woods behind dressed in a red pullover, jeans and short boots on a bridge facing her male partner dressed in blue shirt and khakis with a small child on his shoulders, the right bottom image is a plus sized caucasian woman with mid-length curly brown hair looking down and tot he right, dressed in a peach sundress

We Advocate for Your Pregnancy

Big Fat Pregnancy’s

mission and vision

Big Fat Pregnancy practices fat positive care that is weight inclusive, trauma informed, and intersectional, while providing fiercely affirming care that supports the belief that fat bodies are worthy, have beauty and value of their own, and that their glorious bodies are more than capable of conception and birth.

At Big Fat Pregnancy we welcome and serve all family structures, races, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, and abilities. We are your advocates and work with folks to create an environment where their unique personhood is welcomed and affirmed.

Why Choose Us

As Fat Birth Advocates We’re the Full Spectrum Doulas for You

a horizontal midbody shot of a male and female couple and a doula - the pregnant woman is sitting on a birthing ball with her partner behind her and the doula is sitting on birth ball as well - doulas act as advocates with you from conception to postpartum

Big Fat Pregnancy believes that access to quality, person-centered and evidence-based care is a human right and absolutely vital for fat folks who want to birth. We provide personalized care to help you navigate these systems and experiences as early as preconception through postpartum when your baby joins us earth side.

Combing coaching, adult education and neuroscience principles as well as lived experience in a fat pregnant body, we provide:

  • Fat-Positive Birth Coaching

  • Full-Spectrum Doula Services

  • Fat-Positive Childbirth Education

  • Fat-Positive Consultation Services

Big Fat Pregnancy practices fat positive care that is weight inclusive, trauma informed, and intersectional, while providing fiercely affirming care that supports the belief that fat bodies are worthy, have beauty and value of their own, and that their glorious bodies are more than capable of conception and birth.

Fat pregnant women deserve joy! You deserve a joyful pregnancy in your body as it is in this very moment.

big fat pregnancy

Unique Advocates

Big Fat Pregnancy is unique because we intimately focus on the intersection of anti-fat bias and pregnancy.

We are your fat best friend with a supercharged knowledgeable toolbox, and list of connections to help you arrive at birth and ultimately at parenthood more prepared and feeling like you were able to experience joy on your journey.

We are the voice that says, “No, you’re not making it up, that was extremely fatphobic!” or “Let’s pause and examine where that belief came from”.

We help folks slow down and process the inherent anti-fat attitudes that exist in our medical system and see how they are keeping you from a positive birth experience.

And when we say positive, we mean that you come out of your birth experience feeling respected and cared for, not that your birth went exactly the way you envisioned.

We are who plus-sized people turn to when wonderful things are to be celebrated and when shit hits the fan, a voice that puts all the cards on the table and then supports whatever decision is made to the best of our ability.

an image of a doula on the left side and a plus size pregnant woman on the right side, the doula has a large scarf around the pregnant woman's belly in a labor supportive posture - doulas are advocates of a postive birth expereince

full spectrum

Doula Care

We see the whole person in front of us. We support you and walk with you on your journey.

I intimately know the struggle that my clients go through, because I lived it. Fortunately, I was able to walk away from both of my births with really positive and empowering experiences, which I hope serve as an example of how birth can be amazing, regardless of the body you currently have.

I had to constantly advocate for myself and now I get to do the same for my clients to allow their voice to be heard over the noise of the medical system and the utter nonsensical reasons that are thrown at them telling them what and how to move through THEIR pregnancy journey.

Our hope is that one day Big Fat Pregnancy no longer exists. That we can get to a point where people are valued and treated humanely, PERIOD. That fat folks can live and love and birth and be cared for with compassion and dignity, void of stigmatizing language, poor treatments, absent recommendations, etc.

In the meantime, we help as many fat folks as we can with the skills and confidence to be advocates for themselves. We want fat folks to know that neither you or your baby are a complication or burden and that you deserve a transformative and joyful birth!

bright colorful background in purple on the left hand side of the image is a plus sized brown skinned woman or black woman in a purple dress she is smiling wide with her eyes closed and her head turned to one side and one hand on her pregnant belly - there are sparkling light effects in many places on the image
a plus size woman in a white tshirt and dark jeans with short blonde hair faces the camera with one fist raised and a defiant look on her face the background of the iamge is bright red with some sparkles and light effects
image is a tall plus sized caucasian woman woods behind dressed in a red pullover, jeans and short boots on a bridge facing her male partner dressed in blue shirt and khakis with a small child on his shoulders - the woman in this image is fat pregnancy advocate and co-founder of big fat pregnancy

a bit more info about christina

I love educating & learning!

I started my journey to fat pregnancy advocate in higher education supporting graduate students through admissions, academic advising, and program development. These experiences honed my empathy, creative problem solving, and fulfilled my need to help people on their own unique journeys. 

In one of these roles at Seattle University I was fortunate enough to be able to work and obtain my Masters in Adult Education and Online Training. These two years cemented my love for more formal teaching and showed me how I can use adult education philosophies in my one-to-one consulting and time with clients and catapulted me into the birth world.

I was already studying the exclusion of certain marginalized groups in education settings when I got pregnant. And that shifted my whole focus over to birth. I started looking at educational opportunities for parents to be and quickly realized the serious lack of inclusion for anyone that wasn’t white, cisgender, heterosexual and married. I spent the rest of my masters focusing on exploring this with an emphasis on the exclusion of fat folks in this setting, both in representation and attendance. 

As I concluded my masters and gave birth to my daughter, I became entranced with the world of birth and all the different aspects and supporting roles that professionals play, including doulas. I became deeply acquainted with my doula during this process and admired the support she gave me during my own birth and our conversations about how she supported others.

These experiences combined with my graduate education led me to the Birth Advocacy Doula Training to become a certified full-spectrum doula. I concluded my course work and most of the requirements, including CPR and First Aid Training in late 2022 and officially became certified in late 2023. I recently also became one of the first Washington State Certified Doulas.

I not only love educating, but I also personally love learning and believe that continued growth is necessary.

a bit more info about emily

An empassioned pregnancy education advocate!

During my bachelor degree, I realized that my passion was working with people of all different backgrounds. I loved cultures and languages and wanted to be surrounded in a space where I could learn new things every day. During this time I became pregnant with my first child. I’m a bit obsessive with topics, and felt I had to learn everything there was to know about pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. I decided to pursue an unmedicated birth at a birth center. Despite developing gestational diabetes, I was still able to have the birth I wanted. I had never felt more powerful and connected to myself. I went on to breastfeed for two years.

While parenting and working full-time, I was able to pursue my Masters degree in Adult Education.. A few years later, pregnant with my second child, I developed preeclampsia and cholestasis. I was devastated to not have the birth I had with my first. I had to be induced early at the hospital. Despite my fears, I had a wonderful experience in the hospital with caring providers. I knew about terrible experiences others had in the hospital, but I had just had a wonderful experience. This birth felt like clarity.

This clarity made me look for new opportunities. I wanted to be a part of the birth world and also incorporate my passion for education. Christina and I had been working together for a few years and became really good friends. She had started Big Fat Pregnancy and wanted to put more into it. It was a perfect partnership. From here, I pursued doula and lactation certifications to join her vision.

I love supporting folks and seeing them come into their own. Being at a birth is such an intimate experience and to hold space for others during this time is such an honor 

Full training and continuing education courses:

  • M.Ed from City University of Seattle – 2019
  • Bastyr University Birth Doula Training – 2023
  • CPR and First Aid Training with American Red Cross- 2023
  • Certified Breastfeeding Specialist – 2023
  • American Sign Language 101 and 102 – 2023

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