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$5000.00 – 6 – 9 Month Contract

My goal as a birth mentor is to meet you where you are on your journey to parenthood and provide individualized care and mentorship to prepare you for the road ahead.

This has endless opportunities, but most commonly birth mentoring includes fact finding, guidance and support, as well as holding space for you to show up exactly where you are in your pregnancy.

It’s like having a fat best friend who happens to have a huge toolbox and is dedicated most to your confidant, empowered, and enjoyable pregnancy!

This package includes a twice monthly time to discuss you, your pregnancy, wins or challenges you may be experiencing, research you need help finding and understanding, how to bring up a topic with your doctor, and so much more.

Childbirth mentorship includes unlimited text and email communication to support you in the in-between time with any questions and concerns as well as priority phone support for urgent and important issues or concerns.

This service is right for you if you want consistent 1:1 fat positive mentorship on your journey to parenthood.

what’s included

  • 12 Consultation Hours
  • Focused activities, journals, and meditation practices focusing on pregnancy self-advocacy
  • Priority Phone Supprt as Needed
  • Fat-positive childbirth plan tailored to your birth location, personal and medical preferences
  • Unlimited access to our support team via text and email for duration of contract
  • 2 Summary Calls: include deep research dive & summary on 2 focused topics
  • Examples: pain management, gestational diabetes, water births, VBAC birth, hospital choice, etc.)

a lil’ more about fat positive

Birth Mentoring

Embarking on the incredible journey to parenthood is a unique and transformative experience, and my role as a birth mentor is to accompany you every step of the way. My mission is to tailor my guidance and support to your individual needs, ensuring you are well-prepared for the exciting road ahead.

The realm of birth mentoring is a vast landscape filled with endless opportunities for growth and empowerment. Central to this approach is a commitment to providing you with valuable insights, guidance, and unwavering support. Think of it as having a trustworthy companion who not only brings a wealth of knowledge but is also equipped with a diverse set of tools to enhance your journey.

Consider me your supportive confidant, dedicated to making your pregnancy experience one that is filled with confidence, empowerment, and joy. Together, we will navigate the intricacies of pregnancy, ensuring you feel heard and supported at every stage.

With the comprehensive package I offer, we will engage in enlightening discussions twice a month. These sessions are dedicated to you, your unique pregnancy experience, and the triumphs or challenges you may encounter. Whether you need assistance in conducting research or understanding various aspects of pregnancy, such as approaching

discussions with your healthcare provider, these sessions are designed to address your specific needs.

Moreover, my childbirth mentorship program extends beyond our scheduled sessions. You will have unlimited access to reach out to me via text and email, providing continuous support during the times in between our regular meetings. This ensures that any questions or concerns you may have are promptly addressed, fostering a sense of security and confidence throughout your journey.

For urgent matters or important issues, priority phone support is also included in this comprehensive service. This ensures that you have immediate assistance when needed, reinforcing the idea that you are not alone on this transformative path to parenthood.

The essence of this service lies in its dedication to providing consistent, one-on-one, fat-positive mentorship throughout your journey to parenthood. This approach is tailored to individuals who seek unwavering support and guidance, fostering a positive and empowering experience.

By choosing this mentorship, you are not only gaining access to a wealth of information and resources but also a compassionate ally committed to uplifting your pregnancy experience. Together, we will create a space where you feel confident, informed, and empowered as you embrace the beautiful journey of becoming a parent.

In essence, my mentorship is a beacon of optimism, education, and unwavering support, guiding you towards a parenthood experience that is not only well-informed but also filled with joy and confidence.

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