Postpartum is a crucial period for gestational parents as they recover from the childbirth process and adjust to life with a newborn. It can be a challenging time, both physically and emotionally, and having the right postpartum essentials can make a big difference in easing the transition.Â

Finding those products and being confident in their ability to fit and work for a plus size body is a barrier many fat folks face as they prepare for after the baby arrives. You may get excited when you see a postpartum kit like those from Bodily or FridaMom and then quickly realize the “one size” mesh underwear are not going to fit your 74” hips, chest feeding pads aren’t large enough, and the socks won’t be comfortable for your calves. 

Big Fat Pregnancy has compiled a list of products we’ve either used personally and endorsed, or those our clients rave about to help reduce the burden of the hours of research it can take, the money needed upfront  to purchase and then send back (if even possible) if an item doesn’t work, and then the additional time and energy it takes to go back to the drawing board and do it all over again.

Our Size Friendly Postpartum Essentials Birth Supply List

1. Adult Diapers. One of the most used items for postpartum addresses bleeding. While many may opt for underwear and a large pad, this is often what hospitals provide, we suggest a sturdy adult diaper. This reduces leaks, laundry, and effort, especially in those tender new days. Additionally, it cuts out the effort of finding comfortable and loose fitting plus size underwear. That is a herculean task and an entire blog, but we do consider them one of the most important postpartum essentials!

Postpartum Essentials - a line art drawing of a baby being cradled with a parent's hand on their head with a very light pink background with peach water color circles and gold glitter accents

We love these simple and cheaper than name brand adult diapers. The sizing may originally throw you off as they are only listed as up to 2x. But, when you pay attention to the waist measurements, they can accommodate larger bodies. The XL works for folks 45”-64” and the 2xl works for folks 64”-80” waists, compared to other brands at a maximum 64” waist and we’ve found them to run small.

These are comfortable, mold to your body, retain less moisture from sweat which can reduce itching in between fat folds, and they are a more affordable option at $12.00 a pack for 16 pairs in a XL pack and 14 pairs in a 2xl pack. We know these won’t win awards for being organic, environmentally friendly, and they are an amazon brand, so there are some cons. These are however, the most size inclusive and accurate sized adult diapers we have found to date.

2. Peri Bottle. The second item on our list of postpartum essentials we find really helpful if you do not have a bidet on your home toilet – the peri bottle. If you give birth at a hospital or even a birth center, you’ll most likely receive a peri bottle that looks like a regular squeeze bottle. For fat folks and folks who may have mobility issues with reaching or that find the squeezing motion difficult, we suggest this peri bottle from FridaMom.

It has a soft plastic bottle and an angled nozzle which allows for reach without straining shoulders, lifting bellies, or a firm grip.  For those having a pelvic birth, using a peri bottle can assist with less pain while urinating, keeping tears clean, and reducing extra wiping while experiencing soreness. Folks who have a cesarean birth may also benefit from a peri bottle as you will likely still have lochia, or vaginal discharge for up to six weeks post birth.

3. Delivery Robe. Birthers who may be looking for a delivery robe, may also be interested in this next size friendly item. A company named Storq carries a really soft and luxurious feeling robe called the Feel Good Delivery Robe that can be used during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. This robe lists that the largest size is Size 8 – 4x with measurements of Bust, Waist, and Hip of 54, 48, 58. However, these sizes do appear to run large.

I’ve personally ordered this robe in a Size 7 and am usually a 22-24 with larger BWH measurements than the biggest size listed and this robe fit with room at the end of my pregnancy and I have a ton of room postpartum, I can pull the sides of the robe all the way over to each hip and tie it comfortably. While the price point, $98 is higher than many robes, this robe is higher quality. I’ve had it now for over a year and washed it so many times and it’s just as soft and wonderful as always. It’s even been accidentally dried several times by well- meaning guests and did’t seem to shrink much. This robe has my personal endorsement as well as many clients. Use the link here to receive free shipping over $75.

4. Nursing Bra: One of the most complex postpartum essentials to find as a person living in a larger body who chooses to chestfeed postpartum, is a comfortable nursing bra. Big Fat Pregnancy has worked with numerous clients who have gone through 10+ bras before finding one that is so-so. While there is no perfect option, these are some of the options I’ve seen work better.

  1. Gratlin Women’s Plus Size Nursing Bra Support Nursing Sports Bra Cotton Breastfeeding Maternity Bras. This bra sizes through 5XL, which they equate to a 48 C-G. I have some issues with this sizing chart, but did find that the band size was accurate. Pre-pregnancy C-D cup seems to be the largest cup size the 5XL could accommodate with changes to breasts during milk production. This bra is also more of a compression/sports bra, which has some drawbacks for nursing. I would recommend this after milk supply has established and regular pumping is not needed. The cotton nursing bra they make goes up to a 48E.
  2. I Love SIA Nursing Tank 
  3. Kindred Bravely Sublime Nursing Tank- Busty XXL – This recommendation comes with a caveat that some of our clients have tried and loved this, while others have found the sizing to be a bit off.
  4. The bra you already have – You don’t need to have a special nursing bra in order to chestfeed. It does make things more convenient, but if you have a bra that fits well now there are some things you can do to make it work for breastfeeding. You can buy it in the next size up or get remeasured at the end of your pregnancy to see what your size has changed to. The clips on the straps are what make nursing bras, so if your bra is stretchy enough to pull down your shoulders, then you can do that instead. You can also take your bra to a tailor and have them turn it into a nursing bra.  You can also find your favorite sports bra and cut a few slits vertically aligned over your nipple and insert the flanges directly into the slits you make.

5. Firm Pillows and Nursing Pillows:  If you are going to chestfeed, you need to make sure that your body is comfortable and you aren’t putting extra strain on your neck. And holding a tiny baby and a large breast can be very challenging. Utilize a nursing pillow and other firm pillows to support the baby’s body. Use your hands to hold the baby and your breast. Remember to bring the baby to your breast and not breast to the baby. Once the baby has a good latch, you can make sure you have pillows situated and that you feel comfortable. 

If you are bottle feeding, it is still important that you are comfortable, so use pillows and nursing pillows to help you get in a comfortable position. 

New parents will also want to take care of their mental health during the postpartum period. This can include things like scheduling regular check-ins with a mental health professional, practicing self-care activities like meditation or yoga, and connecting with other new parents for support and camaraderie.

The  postpartum period can be a challenging time for new parents, but with the right postpartum essentials, it can also be a time of rest, healing, and bonding with your new baby. By finding comfortable clothing, postpartum recovery supplies, mental health support, and a strong social system, new parents can set themselves up to successfully navigate this period with confidence and ease.

Postpartum Essentials - a line art drawing of a mother and father cradling each other and a newborn on the father's shoulder with a beige background with green water color circle and gold glitter accents

Size Friendly Postpartum Supply List

Below are some of Big Fat Pregnancyâs top products – you can also find these items in the Postpartum Amazon list. We do receive a small commission from linking these products to Amazon and all of these are items we or are clients have used and specifically reviewed, where applicable, as to ease of use for plus size folks. When possible, we’ve sourced the cost friendly option as well.

  1. Adult Diapers
  2. Peri Bottle or Peri Bottle with longer neck
  3. Witch Hazel Pads (can pair with a personal hygiene aid for wiping)
  4. Sitz Bath Supplies – Toilet insert, Earth Mama Sitz Bath, Lasinoh Sitz Bath
  5. Warm & Cool Pack
  6. Pain Relieving Spray or Herbal Spray
  7. Breast Pump (Hand, Electric, Hands Free and/or Hakka) – Check to see what options your insurance may cover.
  8. Comfortable clothing that fits your body now!
  9. Water Bottle or Favorite Cup – make sure you LOVE drinking out of!
  10. Feel Good Delivery Robe (up to 4x (28-30) run big) (this company also makes comfy cloth overalls we love!)

Always consult your provider for any ingredient and/or use questions.

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