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Begins Monday February 12th, 2024

From weight bias to provider condescension, the path to a fat pregnancy can seem daunting. Plus-size birthers often encounter judgment and stigma during pregnancy.

It is no secret that weight bias is a prevalent issue in healthcare. Fear-based information can lead to unnecessary anxiety during pregnancy.

Many plus-size individuals have experienced condescending attitudes from healthcare providers.

We will address this issue head-on, helping you with tips to find a healthcare team that treats you with respect and dignity. Empower Your Pregnancy equips you with the tools to communicate effectively with your providers and assert your needs confidently.

We will provide evidence-based insights, dispel myths, and guide you through making informed decisions. By the end, you will approach your pregnancy with knowledge and assurance, rather than fear.

Choosing the right healthcare provider is crucial for a positive pregnancy experience.

What’s Included In The Empower Your Pregnancy Course

  • 8 module online course in our learning platform
  • A Course Workbook to Integrate & Extend Learning
  • Video Lessons, Extensive Content, Linked Resources & More
  • Skills Building Tactics and Information to Build Size Inclusive Birth Team
  • Prepare to Confidently Broach Difficult Topics With Your Provider
  • 6 Live Weekly Group Support Q&A Calls
  • A Robust and Active Online Community
  • Develop and Build Boundaries. What To Do When Issues Arise!
  • Positive Provider Communication Skills and Tips 
  • Our Step By Step Process to Researching, Finding and Interviewing Providers Successfully and Effectively

More About Empower Your


In Empower Your Pregnancy, we will help you navigate the process of finding a supportive provider who respects your unique needs.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the confidence to build a healthcare team that champions your journey to a healthy pregnancy.

During this 8 module course you gain the necessary skills and information to build a size inclusive birth team and navigate situations with providers as they come up!

We’ll prepare you to confidently approach your provider, how to say no, communication and boundaries while working towards shared decision making. We’ll discuss strategies to combat weight bias and empower you to advocate for size inclusive care.

Get our step by step process to searching, finding and interviewing! Plus positive provider communication tips and what to do when issues arise!

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