Fat People Deserve Inclusive Care

$100.00USD Per One hour session

Details of Fat Positive Consultation

Have a negative encounter with a doctor? Feeling the anti fat bias? Family member say something that just didn’t sit right? Facing weight stigma while pregnant at work? Fat people who are pregnant often face all of these issues and more! It might be time to book a fat positive consultation with us!

This service is right for you if you need to process specific interactions, encounters, conversations or topics with dedicated 1:1 time with Christina.

You’ll leave feeling confident to handle the current situation!

Sessions can be booked in 60 minute increments and can take place via phone, zoom, or in-person.

fat pregnant woman in profile view with her hands on her pregnant belly wearing a light green floral dress in a park setting, she had light red curly hair and she is wearing glasses

Fat People

Deserve Inclusive Care

Encountering negativity or bias related to your weight during pregnancy can be challenging, but our fat-positive consultation service is here to provide support, understanding, and empowerment for fat people, and others facing bias in the medical care industry such as BIPOC individuals, queer families and trans parents.

If you’ve had a discouraging experience with a healthcare professional, faced anti-fat bias, or encountered discomforting remarks from family members or colleagues at work, it’s time to consider booking a consultation with us!

Custom Curated

Inclusive Care is Possible

Tailored for fat people, and really any individuals seeking a safe space to process specific interactions, conversations, or concerns, our service offers dedicated one-on-one time with Christina.

These sessions, available in convenient 60-minute increments, can be conducted via phone, Zoom, or in-person, accommodating your preferences and comfort.

During these consultations, Christina will guide you through navigating and processing the challenging situations fat people face, offering insights and strategies to handle them confidently.

You will leave the session equipped with the knowledge and empowerment needed to address and overcome the current challenges you are facing as a fat person in today’s society.

Supporting Pregnant 

Fat People

Choosing our fat-positive consultation service means choosing an optimistic and educational approach to dismantling biases and fostering self-confidence for fat people.

It’s about creating a supportive environment where you can openly discuss and process your experiences, leaving you better prepared to navigate similar situations in the future.

Book a session today to embark on a journey of empowerment and resilience!

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