Fat Positive Provider Workshop

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Dream it.

Our Workshop began with Big Fat Pregnancy’s belief in fat positive care for all. We provide direct inclusive care for clients as they navigate pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We know that clients are just one piece of the puzzle and they alone not responsible for fixing their providers bias. Big Fat Pregnancy wants providers to be educated on weight stigma, bias, and current research to better understand how their fat patients can and should be treated – with respectful, compassionate, size inclusive care.

Build it.

With this dream, we created the Fat Positive Provider Workshop, a three-hour intensive to unpack weight bias, understand Big Fat Pregnancy’s Fat Positive Provider model, and learn some basics when working with folks in larger bodies. To set the foundation, you’ll have acess to two short pre-recorded lessons to explore the foundations of what we believe are essential components to size inclusive care.

Grow it.

You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of weight inclusive care, create community with other birth workers committed to removing anti-fat bias from their practices, and tangible action items to implement right when you leave the workshop! Take this knowledge and bring to your co-workers, friends, and family so we can normalize size inclusive care in birth.

a family portrait in a park setting, with a father in back next to a mother, holding a young toddler with an older shild next to them and three dogs next to and in front of the family and one of the parents attended our Fat Positive Provider Workshop.

From Ashley D.

“Christina’s class really helped me learn how to provide my clients with the care and resources they deserve. The class was well structured and accessible, Christina made me feel comfortable to have open discussions about the topics in the class. I feel I have a better understanding of how to support my clients and ways I can do that. I definitely recommend this class for any birth workers.”

circular image of an older lady with dark hair and glasses smiling to camera in a teal colored shirt, she attended our Fat Positive Provider Workshop.

From Sharon Muza

“If you work with pregnant people, you need to learn from Christina, Big Fat Pregnancy. The next client or patient you see will DEEPLY appreciate it, regardless of the body they have!”

From 2023 Attendee

“This was a great class to highlight societal bias (and our own) and how providers unknowingly don’t support people in larger bodies. Best part was including HOW we can do better with the physical environment, physical support (as a doula), and inclusive language on our marketing, educational materials and in how we talk to our clients in order be a safe provider for ALL people. Highly recommend this to EVERYONE who works with people!”

what’s included in the

Fat Positive Provider Workshop

  • Two easy to watch pre-recorded video lessons to set the foundation and explain the framework of Fat Positive Care
  • Discussion, break out rooms, and activities geared to create ideas and solutions for your specific practice
  • A robust vocabulary guide to introduce foundational terms in size inclusive care
  • Post workshop reflection packet to continue challenging weight bias and resources for further education
  • Three-hour live session with Christina with Zoom, recorded and shared with participants
  • Community with other providers who want to be more inclusive to folks living in larger bodies

Welcome to our Fat Positive Provider Workshop, an initiative rooted in our doula partnership’s commitment to delivering fat-positive care to all. Recognizing that clients are just one element of the equation and are not solely responsible for rectifying their providers’ biases, we believe in empowering healthcare professionals to enhance their understanding and approach.

Dream it: At Big Fat Pregnancy, our philosophy centers around fat-positive care for clients throughout the stages of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We acknowledge that clients alone should not bear the burden of addressing providers’ biases.

Consequently, we aim to educate healthcare providers on weight stigma, bias, and current research, fostering an understanding of how individuals in larger bodies can and should be treated – with respect, compassion, and size-inclusive care.

Build it: To translate this vision into reality, we have designed this three-hour intensive program is crafted to unpack weight bias, introduce Big Fat Pregnancy’s Fat Positive Provider model, and provide fundamental insights for working with individuals in larger bodies.

To lay the groundwork for the workshop, participants gain access to two brief pre-recorded lessons exploring the essential components of size-inclusive care.

Grow it: Upon completion, participants will emerge with a profound understanding of weight-inclusive care, having connected with a community of like-minded birth workers committed to eliminating anti-fat bias from their practices.

Furthermore, attendees will receive tangible action items to implement immediately. Armed with this knowledge, we encourage participants to share their insights with colleagues, friends, and family, contributing to the normalization of size-inclusive care in the realm of birth.

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Fat Positive Provider Workshop

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