Certified Doulas

For a Fat Positive Birth Experience

$1,500.00 for Simplied | $2,500.00 for Comprehensive

We understand that parents often have a multitude of questions, concerns, and a strong desire for personalized care from certified doulas. That’s why we’ve tailored this package to offer an extensive range of prenatal and postpartum visits, ensuring you receive the care and knowledge you need to navigate this incredible journey with confidence.

Big Fat Pregnancy Doulas provide care that focuses on supporting you consistently from the time you hire us until after your baby is earthside.

We operate from fat-positive, trauma informed, and evidence-based lenses and welcome all family structures, races, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, and abilities.

We work with folks to create an environment where their unique personhood is welcomed and affirmed.

As doulas, we’re dedicated to being there for you at every stage, ensuring you have the knowledge, confidence, and peace of mind to embrace this transformative experience.

Need personalized doula care? Our package of extensive prenatal and postpartum visits, ensures the personal care and knowledge you deserve.

Are you eagerly preparing for the arrival of your baby and seeking certified doulas for comprehensive inclusive care throughout your entire pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey?

about the cost of our

Certified Doulas

Fat Positive


Recognizing the myriad questions, concerns, and the profound need for personalized support that parents often encounter, we have meticulously crafted these packages to encompass a comprehensive array of prenatal and postpartum visits. Our aim is to provide you with certified doulas and the care and knowledge requisite for navigating this extraordinary journey with confidence and assurance.

At Big Fat Pregnancy, our doula care is centered on the unwavering support extended to you consistently, spanning from the moment of engagement until after your baby joins you earthside.

Anchored in fat-positivity, trauma-informed practices, and evidence-based approaches, our commitment extends to welcoming all family structures, races, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, and abilities. Our doulas actively collaborate with individuals to foster an environment that not only acknowledges but also celebrates their unique personhood.

Whether you are eagerly anticipating the arrival of your baby or actively seeking comprehensive support throughout your entire pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey, our services are designed to meet your needs.

We are devoted certified doulas to being a steadfast presence at every stage, ensuring you possess the knowledge, confidence, and peace of mind necessary to fully embrace and navigate this transformative experience.

  • One Prenatal Visit
  • One Postpartum Check in Call (1-2 days after birth)

  • Continuous in Person Labor Support

  • Access to Personalized Resources and Recommendations

  • Easily Combined with Postpartum or Overnight Care

  • Three Prenatal Visits
  • Unlimited text/call access upon hire

  • Continuous in person labor support

  • Birth and Postpartum Planning

  • Two In-home Postpartum Visits

  • Access to personalized resources, research, and recommendations

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