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The unique strengths of doula care benefit not only cisgender hetereo couples but are also extremely advantageous to the LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, fat and other marginilzed communities including the diasbled community through fertility, pregnancy and parenting support, guidance and education. All parents must navigate fertility and parentage in a system that is not always knowledgeable, accepting or affirming of those outside of the cisgender heterosexual identities, those living in larger bodies or those navigating chronic illness while pregnant.

Our Doula Services

Birth Mentoring

We meet you where you are and walk alongside you. Individualized coaching to combat anti-fat bias and improve self-advocacy skills.

Full-Spectrum Doula Care

A doula provides guidance and support to the pregnant person and their support person(s) during pregnancy, birth and/or postpartum.

Postpartum Care

We help parents build confidence with new skills, allow for much needed rest, and share the tips and tricks with our new parents.

Customized Childbirth Classes

Affirming and accommodating fat bodies in our medical system is rare, so our classes fill the gap to educate and teach about how YOUR body may move through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Fat Positive Consultation

Have a negative encounter with a doctor or family member that just didn’t sit right? Meet with Christina 1:1 to explore an interaction, news article, or family comment and move forward with confidence.

Fat Positive Provider Workshops

Are you a birthworker, chiropractor, physical therapist working with pregnant folks? Not sure where you’re at on the fat positive scale? Get our Fat Positive Provider model and the foundations of fat positive care.

fat positive

Birth Mentoring

Our goal is to meet you where you are on your journey to parenthood and provide individualized care and mentorship to prepare you for the road ahead.

This has endless opportunities, but most commonly birth mentoring includes fact finding, guidance and support, and holding space for you to show up exactly where you are in your pregnancy.

It’s like having a fat best friend who happens to have a huge toolbox and is dedicated to your most confidence, empowered, and enjoyable pregnancy!

a square image of a plus sized brown skinned or black pregnant woman with a pink background with pink circles of all sizes in the background she is a a pink dress with grey accents on the side and sleeves and long black hair

full spectrum

Doula Care

We understand that parents often have a multitude of questions, concerns, and a strong desire for personalized support. That’s why we’ve tailored this package to offer an extensive range of prenatal and postpartum visits, ensuring you receive the care and knowledge you need to navigate this incredible journey with confidence.

Big Fat Pregnancy provides doula care that focuses on supporting you consistently from the time you hire us until after your baby is earthside. We operate from fat-positive, trauma informed, and evidence-based lenses and welcome all family structures, races, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, and abilities. We work with folks to create an environment where their unique personhood is welcomed and affirmed.

a close up image of a former doula client, now mother, and daughter with the mother on the right and the daughter on the left, they are caucasian, the daughter has down syndrome and is about 3 years old in a bright orange beret with black frame glasses a pink turleneck and a white jacket and blonde or brown hair, her mother has dark hair parted in the middle, light eyes, and a lilac coat, both are smiling lightly to camera
a fat positive plus sized caucasian pregnant female doula client with woods behind her with her hands on her pregnant belly facing to the left, it's a profile image and it is a full body shot from head to mid-thigh, she has her eye closed, her head thrown back, she has bangs and midl-lentgh blonde hair and is wearing a lilac bra and panty set with a nude organza lingerie long robe which is sheer and she has tattoos on her neck, chest, shoulders, back, pregnant stomach, hands and fingers and legs


Doula Care

Postpartum doulas help parents build confidence with new skills, allow for much needed rest, and share the tips and tricks to care for baby and the new postpartum family.

Big Fat Pregnancy tailors each visit to your needs in that moment. Shifts can include direct newborn care so parent(s) or support person(s) can rest, newborn education, parent care, light housework, meal prep, and more!

a very tattooed woman with short brown hair who is missing her left arm just above the elbow is holding a pregnancy test and has a very happy and excited reaction on her face
a square image of a brown skinned or black woman in a wheelchair smiling to camera with a pink background with pink circles of all sizes in the background she is a a pink flowered tank top and brown leather pants with white tennis shoes and long braided black hair

customized + inclusive

Child Birth Classes

Traditional childbirth education classes are boring and often only serve the narrative of a thin, cis, straight, white married couples. This leaves gaps in knowledge and satisfaction and can lead to poor retention of information.

Big Fat Pregnancy’s certified doulas and childbirth educators both come from a background in adult education and provide inclusive childbirth education focusing on the choices available to you, advocacy and decision-making skills, and help you mentally prepare for the childbirth journey.

We use interaction and hands on teaching methods randing from discussion, meditations, journaling, visualizations, art, dialogue, time with your support person(s) and more!

fat positive


Have a negative encounter with a doctor or something a family member said just didn’t sit right? Facing weight stigma while pregnant at work?

This service is right for you if you need to process specific interactions, encounters, conversations or topics with dedicated 1:1 time with Christina, one of our certified doulas who is a subject matter expert. You’ll leave feeling confident to handle the current situation!

Sessions can be booked in 60 minute increments and can take palce via phone, zoom, or in-person.

a plus sized mixed race light skinned pregnant woman with foliage and pink flowers behind her has her eyes closed with a peaceful look on her face and shadows from the branches on her face, she has long braided black hair and a light blue spaghetti strap silky dress on
a plus sized caucasian woman with mid-length red brown hair is facing away from camera and towards foliage and white flowers she is wearing a lace garment with fur at the end of the sleeve holding a new born in a bonnet with a blue pacifier in their mouth on her shoulder

fat positive

Provider Workshop

In our doula partnership, we believe in fat positive care for all. We provide direct inclusive care for clients as they navigate pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We know that clients are just one piece of the puzzle and they alone not responsible for fixing their providers bias.

With this dream, we created the Fat Positive Provider Workshop. A three-hour intensive workshop to unpack weight bias, understand Big Fat Pregnancy’s Fat Positive Provider model, and learn some basics when working with folks in larger bodies.

To set the foundation for the workshop, you’ll have access to two short pre-recorded lessons to explore the foundations of what we believe are essential components to size inclusive care.

a plus sized very tattooed caucasian woman with woods behind her in a gauzy white dress with lace edging is holding her leg out and her dress up slightly with other hand on her thigh, there is a branch in the foreground and you can see that the woman's leg(s) is unshaven, this is a mid body shot - no head or feet visible

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